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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

okay, here are some more travel tales as promised.

our first night, in Vale Oregon, was characterized chiefly by the first manifestation of a distressing tendency on the part of our bottle of liquid soap [Dr. Bronner's brand, great stuff] to spill. It was packed up with our general soap-type supplies in a traveling case of sorts. when i reluctantly looked in, to investigate a very strong smell of lavender, the satchel was awash. the clean-up process involved all 3 of us, the picnic table, an undisclosed number of paper towels, and, finally, the realisation that the hydrogen peroxide had entered into the spirit of the thing, and spread itself at large.

must run, it seems we're going out to dinner...will try to write more later, the soap tale only gets better...and no "Soap Opera' jokes, that's my perogative!

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