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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Was woken at 5:15 this morning by the hum of harvesting machines in the grass-seed fields across the street. I've always enjoyed watching farm equipment. Out of bed and across the empty field directly across from our house. The windrowers [two] looked like great metal insects or suchlike. They're not as huge and slow as the combines, which come later to thresh the seeds out of the cut grass. The sun was not up yet, and there was fog all over the field.
The lights on the machines were like great unblinking eyes through the mist.
When one got near I waved at the driver, and was so surprised when he actually was one of our neighbors, who lives a few miles down the road. He asked me if I wanted a ride, and I got in, and explained that my friend Samantha has worked in these fields sometimes...he said she was in the harvester right behind him, and I could get out and ride with her.
[insert happy reunion, we hadn't seen each other in a long time. ]
And I wound up riding around in a harvester for an hour and a half, at the road-blistering pace of five mph, chatting with Sam and being glad I'd gotten out of bed!

Last night I stayed up late and at 10 pm was outside playing with the goats. We've got a sheet of plywood which the goats adore to run up and down on when one of us holds it at an angle. They tend to be frisky at night. A very summery thing to do!
You gotta love living in the country!


Lauren Ann said...

wonderful life!!! i though don't life on a farm...

Bethany said...

Howdy Lauren! Thanks for the comment!

Bethany said...

and thanks for following!