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Sunday, July 12, 2009

il pleut

It's been raining all afternoon. We lunched at my grandmother's, and on the way home the windshield was fogging up----60 F and rainy is NOT what Oregon is supposed to be like in the summer!
It's stopped now. That'll be good for gardening, and trimming the goats' hooves--they're much easier to trim when damp.

I wonder who reads this blog...please comment! :) :) I noticed my profile got about 25 more hits while I was on holiday...welcome, folks! And I just got done toodling around adding blogs to my "follow" list, so hopefully a few more people will find this!

Hopefully I'll get time this week to make this blog a bit more interesting with gadgets and such, and more pictures...viewers with dial-up, wail and weep! heh

My dad just came in looking, as I cheerfully commented, like a drowned rat. He'd been fixing a broken gutter. We love rain!

And what does everyone think of the new style? Was the black background easier to read?


Rochelle Blue said...

I read your blog! and I really like it =]
this layout is really nice, I actually find it more nicer than your original one =)
and haha I wished it would rain here where I live... its just heat, heat, and more heat.


Bethany said...

hey Rochelle, thanks! okay, I'll stick with least until I get bored, lol

and your blog is great too! :)
hehe, wish the rain would head on over to wherever you're located...actually it's nice, I don't have to water the garden or blueberry bushes!