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Sunday, July 19, 2009

dumpster diving

The Scientific Method--a how-to guide

Step 1. Develop a hypothesis based on observations.
My County Fair registration forms are missing. I think back to where they might be. On the table which got cleared off a few days the recycle???

Step 2. Perform experiments to test your hypothesis.
I dig through the clutter on my desk with no results. On to the recycle bin!

Step 3. Your hypothesis is now a theory. Perform more experiments.
I find most of my forms at the bottom of the can.

Step 4. Repeat!
I realize, after replacing the clutter in the bin, that I am still missing some of the forms. I consider forging them, but decide to once more burrow in the dumpster. Success.

Josiah is home! Welcome back!

I am going to folk-dance tonight.

Nothing else is very interesting right now! When life is interesting, I don't have time to write!


Scotland said...

Merci, mademoiselle! It's good to be back. I read through all your posts, and I'd comment more, but all I can say is: great job on the SAT, glad it went well, and hooray for a number of other things—etc, etc. You get the picture!

Once my email starts working properly, I can reply to your comments on mine. For now, I must wait. :(

Isaiah English said...

We go dumpster diving, but not quite so locally. We look in grocery store dumpsters and have brought home some fantastic stuff!

Yes, I'm very glad for Josiah to be home! ; )

Evergreena said...

I recently brought home a bunch of musty old books about chemistry, science, etc, from a free book pile at my mom's work. I'm going to alter them and make art!

Evergreena said...

Oh, and I'm glad you found your forms!

Bethany said...

haha! a post that began with me halfway inside a trash receptacle elicits 4 comments! lol

Scottie, thanks! hope your email gets up and running soon :)

Isaiah, I've never done that, but I do think it's a good idea...I do remember, one time....we heard that this fabulous restaurant in my town throws out their day-old bread, and even were told which bin to look in, but didn't find it...

Evergreena, that's a great idea! My mom is into altered art and such...Marie Antoinette, hehe