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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Lol. So I was going to just reply to Einar's question about slugs in a comment...but then I decided, why keep everybody else out of the fun?

Einar said, "Ok, I gotta ask: "And then the slugs came"?
Please explain, this one has me up at night."

Here are some explanations for the more abstruse quotations in my sidebar.

"Alright, let's try that from the top...ready? One, two--oh and there's just one thing..."
-the Director

Most of these are from the filming of the movie. It became a local joke that Bethany (the Director) would say One, Two, oh Eva be sure and say that line louder...and Dallan don't breathe in the mic....okay, all ready? One, two.....we're going to try and do this...[actors sigh and start laughing] It was supposed to be One, Two, Go but never was. "You will get to three eventually..." which threw me off and I said Three, one time.

"...the Director's having a heart attack--she's turning purple..."

"He hasn't eaten his entire script yet, only part of the cast list..."
Oh dear yes. Phillip was eating his script at one point...I can't remember who actually said the above quote, I believe it might have been Sophie.

"Please do not leave your scripts at the set. I do not want your scripts!!"

"SCRIPT!! Where's my script?"

"That is the wrong script. "

There were several editions floating about. Director's Copy, Revised Edition, Scenes 3 and 4 (final), Final-final edition!!, etc.

"The Lord's Regents call for conditional surrender!"
"What are your master's terms?"
"That, uh, uh, I don't remember my line!"
[Director] "Yes, you can throw the rock at him!"
"That's firing on a flag of truce!" [talking about it later] " was a little rock, too. " "Oh yeah, 'CRUNCH'!" "Only a flesh-wound!"

Filming of an earlier move, "The Rose of Gondor".

Oar: *CRUNCH!!* Eva, who broke the oar: *shriek* Director: *hysterical laughter* Eva: Do we have any Superglue? Dallan: I think we're going to need that stick now! Phillip: Oh I'll start whittling!

the oar broke. Need I say more?

Director: Please do not push him into the pie. Or the candles.

Trying to to "push" a ruffian out the door of the tavern, without injuring the ruffian or the pie.

"You're the Director, NOT the engineer!!"
-Joseph, when I was trying to prop up the tent ridge-pole with a twig

Ooh yeah. Road to Freedom again: the ridge-pole of the army tent was sagging onto the heads of our six-foot actors. I suggested that it needed a wedge.

"Bloopers are more funny if you've seen the movie." "Bloopers are more funny if you were IN the movie." "But if you ARE the blooper, well...."

conversation at the cast party.

-*hysterical laughter from Bethany watching the day's footage*
-dad: It sounds like it must be one long "bloop"!

Director: I'm sorry, your face is just a little too big in the screen.
Phillip: Oh I'm sorry. I'll make it smaller.

"The reason I'm making a chewing sound is because I just put a carrot in my mouth"
-my dad

yeah, he answered the phone and it was one of his friends, he was still chewing on a carrot.

"...and then the slugs came."

**!!!!!!! Yes! the slugs came!
My dad, again. He was having some sort of sock issues. Couldn't find any, or some such. There is a long story here. The Sock Crisis of '09.... Anyways, he got his socks dirty mowing the lawn or somesuch (I think) and left them outside to dry, overnight. On the gravel by the garage door. Next morning: "The slugs have been walking all over my socks!" Bear in mind that the slug is Oregon's state animal. In talking about it later, and trying to sort out our ideas about the Sock Crisis, my dad memorably said "And then the slugs came."

"In Oregon there's the sizzle and then the drizzle"
stolen quote.

"Oh LOOK! A muskeg!"
"I don't get it about a muskeg! Muskegs do not have any moving parts!"

Trip to Montana last summer: I was in search of muskegs. They are little boggy cold ponds. I wanted to see one. I sure did...every half mile it was "Oh look! A muskeg!"

"Oak floors start out pink, and then they turn strawberry blonde, and then blonde, and then they get a henna rinse, and finally they get dreadlocks."

Yes, I said that. We were talking about the benefits of wood floors.

Who needs caffeine when you have adrenaline?

...discussed the agricultural prospects (which were no worse than usual....

"Well shame on you for being so amusing"
-Eva, to Dallan

"...we have to contend with the whoops factor..."
-me, again

This is something that I say a lot. The Whoops Factor is very often present in the background of my escapades.

"No comment! We are not taking questions at this time. "-as I come downstairs with my hair wrapped in a plastic bag

Yeah, I'd just done a henna rinse, and put a plastic bag over my head to keep the henna in for the prescribed time, and did not want to deal with people's exclamations below-stairs.

"Now this is an opportunity to sound really lame, let's not take it."
-Eva, whilst writing a script

"Quote of the day for Bethany: Crud!"

"I didn't get trapped, I got comfy [in the attic]."

I was hunting out some tent-bags in the attic and almost got trapped under some stuff. I got real comfy there on those bags.

"Bethany, it's not funny! Don't make it funny!"
after he managed to spill a cutting-board full of carrot-rounds on the floor.

"Dear...we aren't playing with ones...."
-Eva, as I try to palm off "two ones" in a game of Liar--I don't play cards very often....

"...the Tektonic Plate Theory of sheet-migration..."

have you ever noticed that sheets go one way and blankets go the other, and you are left cold in the middle?

"Don't die, Bethany! Don't die!"

I rather think that was Josiah, after I said something or other.

"We're in the Towel Rebellion of 2009...the Storming of the Laundry Vent....Bastille Day [Excuse ME, that's bath cabinet day!]"

The Towel Incident. Nuff said.

"Uh-oh. Bethany has her evil look on."
-Eva, at rehearsal
"Wha..? No, this is just my normal evil face is my normal face."

and just for fun, here are two more quotes off of my Facebook page:

Backward hats lead to trench coats, trench coats lead to evil glares, evil glares lead to the dark side.

haha, that was from Halloween. You remember, when I was being 'sketchy'.

"Let's not poke Fate in the eye with a rubber chicken."
-Adam, at one of the rehearsals.

I rather think I'd just suggested doing something even more crazy than the things we were already attempting to do.

That's not even including all the Guide quotes I could rattle off. Let's leave with this gem from Ford Prefect:

No, we're not home and dry. We can't even be said to be home and vigorously toweling ourselves off.


Einar said...


Bethany said...

hehe. That story comes later.

Lady Brainsample said...

"...the Tektonic Plate Theory of sheet-migration..."

Love that one...

Einar said...

I may steal that rubber chicken quote for my signature...poking fate in the eye with a rubber chicken....perfect....

Sophie said...

"He hasn't eaten his entire script yet, only part of the cast list..."
Baha. That was definitely either me or Bekka. These quotes amuse me greatly.