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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Preparations begin for Thanksgiving! I've had the menu planned out for days, today I got up early and made pie-crust. When I came back from school I tackled the pumpkin pies. ONE little squash, that was all: it made five pies!! Good grief. Midway through the festivities we ran to town to get more cream and go to the last farmers' market of the season. At the Co-op there were a grand total of 4 cartons of Lochmead cream left, where there are ordinarily several brands. I snatched all but one :)
Cleaned up the kitchen whilst listening to 30s French swing (thanks to Top Hats!).

I am very busy working through my C++ book; finished the first chapter yesterday. Wrote a program to solve for the length of the hypotenuse. The really great thing there was that the original program used a set value for each of the opposing sides, but I made it a user-interactive program by applying what I'd learned in an earlier to chapter to allow the user to set the lengths of the opposing sides!
hehe, for those of you who aren't programmers that sounds ridiculously abstruse, and for those who are it is a definite no-brainer, but excuse me if I'm more than a little excited ;)

Am making a pot of black rice to go with the lovely chanterelle mushrooms I got at the market. Tomorrow I'll do the potatoes, vegetables, salad, etc. My grandmother is doing the bird (chicken), cranberry sauce (two types) and some other things. Can't wait.

And because I'll be too buy to do the traditional "thankful" post tomorrow, here's some things I'm grateful for.

-Food. I don't have to worry too much about where the next meal is coming from. Heard Michael Savage on the radio today, he said something very true: go back a few generations in your past and you will find someone who lived near starvation. Unthinkably true.

-family: I have reasonable parents and it is awesome. I know that doesn't sound very complimentary but you know it is if you've ever had to deal with unreasonable family members.

-mah budders....I have some pretty awesome friends. This time last year I didn't feel like I had many friends; now I've got lots :) Due mostly to filming the movie, and a few other things. Love you peeps! And starting blogging last June: thank you guys, you really are awesome!! :) -hugs all round-

-the weather this fall! We've had a lot of sunny cold weather which I dearly love.

-music. I never really went in for listening to music until this summer when I got an mp3 player. Started off in the summer with country; progressed to Celtic, Celtic-punk, and etc, moved on to Pink Martini, various esoteric foreign groups, and am now in French jazz from the early 20th century. And of course Beatles, Paul McCartney, and more Beatles.

-the NASA grant that our robotics team got: we can afford to go to regionals!

-the situations that have developed in the past year.

-TIm McGraw. LOVE Tim McGraw.

-the fact that I have to (oh dear) find room in the refrigerator for FIVE pumpkin pies

-Eddie. My Mac. What a niiice computer.

-the fact that I'm thankful......

good night folks!


Einar said...


I am same as you, didn't get an MP3 player till last Christmas, but now I take it everywhere, only listen to Celtic and Techno though, with a little of Simeon and Garfunkel's more folksy songs.

Bethany said...

thank you!! You tooooo! :)

haha, I was very happy with my Sansa until I found that it doesn't mesh with my Mac! :( I have to do a lengthy transfer process that involves downloading on Eddie, flash-drive transfer to the XP, importing into Windows Media Player, and syncing with the Sansa.

oh yes, I promise I will get back to you about the slug story!! maybe this afternoon whilst sleeping off the mashed potatoes ;)