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Thursday, November 19, 2009

if anybody actually wants to hang around with a crazed theatre geek...

My day has been striped through with lurid melodrama. Actually that's painting the lily rather freely; but it certainly has been an interesting day.

Started off with me suffering the effects of yesterdays rehearsal. I am sore all over; I feel like I've been incrementally and gently ran over by a steam-roller. That ran like a silver thread throughout the events of the day. Started off to school at 10:30 as usual. On the way there I mentioned to my mom that it seemed likely Emily had had flu (she's been sick this week, as garnered from Facebook) and perhaps it was not such a great idea that I go to biology at her place this afternoon? My mom became worried and we wound up popping into my grandma's place (which is under construction) and I went upstairs to use the antique phone, as Grandma was out and we couldn't get into the lower part of the house. Got in touch, went off to culinary class. Nate was considerably subdued; his spirits seemed positively depressed. Poor fellow was starving himself for wrestling weigh-ins at lunch. Made stock with the turkey carcasses from the other day.

Off to biology: Emily hadn't had flu after all, yayz!
I was suffering from not enough sleep. Biology was hectic and long. I am in the interesting position of being the oldest (by a year or two or three) student there, and the most comfortable with the material we're studying, and the rowdiest. Which is crazy, as I am really not rowdy at all. They're just a very quiet bunch. I actually hadn't read much of the chapter in question, but flubbed through with no problem.

Off to my dad's school with Celi's mom. My dad then took me into town for yoga class, but not until we had stopped at the Co-op for some groceries. There was a posh Italian lady there passing out samples of fine olive oil and balsamic vinegar and such. "I feel pampered!"
There was another crisis in the milk isle when my dad collided rather emphatically with a lady who was going the same way rather swiftly. It was given to me to watch helplessly as this occurred, and then to choke in the background as he apologized.

I got to yoga class barely on time and hustled into a room absolutely full of people. There were about 15 teens there, when usually there've been only 4 or 5 at the most. Yoga class was good; my cargo pants did not help matters however. I actually do not have any sweat pants or equivalent....not handy.

I came out of yoga at 5 pm and was immediately plunged into another situation. My mom was waiting in the car and she thrust a cell-phone and address book into my relaxed, energized fingers. It developed that Dallan had called with the info that I could pick up the swords for the play from Phillip. This proceeding necessitated a few phone calls on my part. When I got to Phillip's I was confronted with a positive arsenal of edged weapons. "Here let me just run and get one other thing--" I finally decided on a pair of blunt-edged stage rapiers and a rather nice short-sword (to kill for!! It is awesome!) and longer rapier with a very snazzy guard. The back of the car filled with weaponry, we wended our way homeward.

Now there is an email on my inbox suggesting that we dispense with the sword-fight entirely. I should have got that's Tech Week, folks!


Einar said...

You lead a crazy life fo sho!

Jare and Lib said...

You were awared near the bottom of this link