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Sunday, November 22, 2009

we're done!

Ooog...where to start!

The show went very very very well.

Friday night's rehearsal (all 4 hours of it) went....that's all I can say, it went.....we had to deal with the fact that we had left it until 24 hours before the show to figure out the whole sword-fight deal. Finally decided to go with the sword-versus-pistol deal. I was in bed by 11 but was still awake at 1 AM :/

Yesterday morning, without enough sleep, I had to deal with various situations before dress rehearsal. I was able to locate a back-up for tech, as our techie was, sadly, laid low by illness. Hammered through lighting, stage crew, audio that morning: all without our main actor. Insurmountable problems prevented his being there. I had to deal with locking up the Grange afterwards and had such good times doing that. The dratted hasp on the shed door where the main key is kept is sticky in the extreme: I wound up punching it with my arm and elbow which got some attractive scratches. Note to self: always try kicking an obstacle before punching it.

Laid low at home for the duration of the afternoon. The show went perfectly, that's all I can say. I was horribly afraid I'd mess up my first lines (I had the first lines in the whole thing) but I didn't. After the dancing scene (Scene 2) I was so thrilled that it had gone well, and Dallan and I were so busy high-fiving each other after his next scene that he almost forgot to go back onstage :P

No slip-ups, no lines forgotten. All in all a very satisfactory performance. props returned safely to original donors, Grange tidied, etc.

After the show a lot of people (older, mostly :) commented on how they recognized the Django Reinhardt music we played between the scenes and in the dance scene, and were so excited to hear stuff from way back then :) which I find incredibly exciting!

I am fairly exhausted. Now it's on to Thanksgiving, and finishing up NaNo, I think I won't be able to do it :'(

As far as video: my dad video-taped it, I'm not sure what the quality is yet. I'll be editing that in the next week or two, leave a comment or email me if you might like a copy, or a copy of the movie Road to Freedom. Please note that I may need to charge shipping, I can't afford it otherwise :(

Duct tape was the motif of the whole thing. I was taping audio cables and extension cords to the floor, dancers were putting tape on the bottoms of their shoes to avoid slipping on the wood floor, I was repairing a rapier-hilt with discreet amounts, after the show I was packing up and found myself carrying a mammoth role of duct-tape. I've never used it much but I am now a fan :)


Einar said...

I would like to see it, but I can't give out my address.....can you post it on the blog as a MP4 video? Blogger has such a gadget you know.

Bethany said...

yup! I understand :) yah...but the upload time will be brutal for me....I've got a slow DSL connection. Will try tho'.

Lady Brainsample said...

Duct tape!! Duct tape is a stage manager/anyone else in the theater's friend.
Love the new header, by the way, very intriguing. That's a great picture.

Lady Brainsample said...

Duct tape!! Duct tape is a stage manager/anyone else in the theater's friend.
Love the new header, by the way, very intriguing. That's a great picture.

EccentricSimplicity said...

I'm so glad it went well! And I am terribly sorry I wasn't able to make it to the performance. =(

Also, I LOVE Django Reinhardt!

Rochelle Blue said...

I'm so happy the performance went well! I cannot wait to see it (am still persuading my parents to let me e-mail you our address though, because I trust you are no creeper that will come and stalk me in the middle of the night, well I hope you're not lol)!
and I LOVE your new header! it's very classy and stylish!


(I'm going to add you on NaNo. I'm pure_blue_butterfly)

Bethany said...

Lady Brainsample: oh yes, duct tape for the win! Although I was a bit worried when I heard that it had been used to tie people up in a robbery near our town the other day... o_O
thanks! I like the header to ;)

Eccentric Simplicity: thanks! Yah, sorry you couldn't come, I'm working on a video but my dad was sitting behind some people, there's mostly people's heads in the screen, lol. I'll see what I can do.
oh yes, Django is awesome! I had Limehouse Blues running through my head all day :)

Rochelle: thanks! :) yeppers, I understand your parents' worries alas. If you have a PO box, of course that would work too. I'll try and post some videos on the blog but again, it'll take so dratted long....
thanks! I'll add you too!