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Thursday, November 5, 2009

good times :)

NaNoWriMo is my chief concern right now. My current word count is 3847 which is considerably less than my suggested count for today :( I really hope I can get caught up....I sit in front of my laptop, I'm like the Earl of Sandwich who so loved his card-games that he had people bring him bread and cheese at his table. 

The excellent Kendra has an excellent post here, on the controversial subject of Twilight. Yet another subject on which our brains run along the same un-worn grooves...

Culinary class on Tuesday was a d├ębacle. We had a substitute teacher. Attempted to make mayonnaise from scratch. There was confusion over amounts, recipes etc. Our major problem was the fact that we pasteurized the eggs a little too long and they became soft-boiled eggs. What a day.

After culinary class on Wednesday I decided that the lovely sunny day ought not to be wasted. Schoolwork finished, I arranged to hang out with Dallan in town. We meandered [I like that word] all over, from Central Park to the riverfront, to farmers' market, etc. Bought eggs and tomatoes at market; talked in British accents for a while; discussed rehearsal, naturally. 

Rehearsal was fabulous:  people wore their costumes and it was amazing what a difference it made to their acting, they were hamming up up, it was awesome. 

Yesterday was very packed, first culinary class, then off to biology at the other end of town, yoga class which was splendid, home for a wee space of time then to goat 4-H club. We're meeting round this year, at peoples' houses. 

I knew there was going to be an incident of some sort: It was dark, raining, we got a late start, the directions were not epic. We went right past the house the first time. There was a fellow out in the [steep] driveway directing traffic. I came in late, was immediately plunged into a huge group of people, half of whom I didn't know and half of the people I do know weren't there. I was in a chair at the corner of the table, squeezed in behind the first row, lacking an agenda and jotting notes on my goat-glossary balanced on my hand. Things improved as the evening went along. Haha, specially when we went out to see their goat-barn and I was able to proffer the use of a flashlight which I had prudently packed in my jeans-pocket. 

Today culinary class was awesome: we didn't have a test after all, and we baked pies. Yum. 

Time for another blog make-over! 

Vote in the polls! Oh yes: my NaNo heroine's name is now Carissa, but her best friend does Not seem like a Megan.  :(  And the hero is boring. And the plot is nebulous at best. Meh. 

I'm still happy, folks! Good times! 


Kendra Logan said...

Can you film part of your play and post it sometime? I'd love to see it!!

Ooh, yum, pie! What kind? :)

If you want help (and only if you want it), I love choosing names! Maybe I could help finding a more suitable name than Megan?

Thanks for the mention about my Twilight post! That was so nice! I clicked on the link, though, and it said the page doesn't exist. *sigh* Blogger is out to get me, LOL ;)

Stay happy, and good luck with NaNo!


Bethany said...

yep, we'll be filming the play!

we made apple pie :)

YES! thanks, that would be awesome, I'd love help choosing another name! I'll pop you an email.

ooh drat, I'll fix that...

thanks dear! :)

Danzibar said...

The goat 4H sounds fun haha! how much stuff do you keep in those pockets anyway? ...I seem too remember a post about your epic preparedness before...durin your awesome birthday... :P

Bethany said...

hey Dan :) yep, me pocketses are filled to overflowing...actually the external pockets on my cargo pants [trousers for Josiah, tehee] are starting to rip slightly...I did a quick repair job on one this morning, whilst wearing it...

I think it was during the filming last spring that I started carrying Everything and its Adapter in my pockets. I'm going to have to import even more batteries, since the mics I'm using for the play require AAs and you KNOW a battery's going to die right before the show....