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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a pearl necklace comes flying through the air...Dallan drops me on my head...yes folks, it's rehearsal

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Wow what a rehearsal! awkgk

Got up at an early hour to take a test at the local community college, which I completely dominated. BEAST. With claws. And sharp teeth.

Rehearsal went was just really really crazy, more than usual.
There is one scene that I hate and loathe with a deadly passion. It's where Dallan and I are sitting on one side of the stage doing a mime bit, "in love", and he's giving me a necklace, and I'm all "Aww shucks how sweet" except it's all silent cause Adam is trying to come on and say his line. It's a painful scene to do because it is SO HARD not to crack various times he has appeared to be choking me with the necklace. Today we had a different necklace (fake pearls, those poppit things--but it is too short) and it actually was kind of strangling me, which did not improve the general situation of gasping with laughter, seeing the audience cracking up, seeing Dallan go to pieces, being aware that Adam was losing it. Augh. Then D was supposed to be gazing romantically at me and he was hamming it up: his chin on both hands, big cheesy grin, ahahaHAHAHA teehee *sniff* *gasp* sorry.

Adam: It's hard to concentrate, there's munchkins running on and off stage all the time! [Eva had brought her brothers along to practice their parts]

Then Dallan and I were practicing our swing dance and trying to put some more fancy stuff into it. We were trying to recall all the fun 'tricks' that we;d learned. We couldn't. "Let's dial 911--Phillip" was the general agreement. [He was our dancing instructor]. But we didn't; muddled through it and stuck in a rather snazzy bit that involves Dallan picking me up [over the threshold thing] and then dropping me into the splits, which is oh so much fun in my evil high heels. There was an interesting moment when he came very close to dropping me on my head.

Then there was the issue (which I did not want to address) of the absence of any form of swords for the sword-duel. I think we have that straightened out.

Also the no-curtain; dealing with sound effects; trying not to laugh.

There was the truly epic time when Brandon and I were onstage saying our lines and a pearl necklace came flying through the air towards us, from backstage. (It was, in fact, the same fake pearl necklace that had been choking me earlier.) Eva, doing Director down front, calmly said, "Continue. I'm going to go back there and kill them."

A few times back we were trying to work with the mics (which have now been dispensed with) and Dallan is backstage and I hear a scratch-scratch noise coming through the amps. (I thought it was Dallan touching the mic but turns out it was his dad scraping some paint. ) Eva says, "Okay the scritchy-scratch noise, not so much". GASP hahaha

Then there was the fake cigarette and the question of when, if ever, it should be brought out in the "Splendid....nomnomnom....evil grin" scene (haha, only the actors know what I'm talking about :) There was the consideration that it was better if it were not 'burning' a hole in Dallan's pocket in the meantime :D

The issue of finding a trenchcoat for Vivian [me] in the first scene.....also a hat....

Brandon grabs Dallan around the neck and drags him over to me [as per my anguished demand] to practice the dance again.

Adam: If must be done, tis better tis were quickly (or something like that) as we deliberate going through it one more time.

huykcg! Can't believe we only have two more rehearsals! panic!

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Kendra Logan said...

Ahh, so much fun!!! I looked at the pictures! :) Your funny stories remind me of Mulan...*sigh*...

I know it will be great!!