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Monday, November 30, 2009

another all-nighter

yup. dead.

like 36 hours with no sleep, right now. it'll be a long night.


tinydancer said...

lol. hope you make it!
YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! (i mean, i did!)

Hannah said...

C'mon, Bethany, you can do it! =) **starts cheering for you to keep going**

Bekah said...

Come on!!! Keep writing!!!!!! Only about 20,000 more words. TOTALLY attainable!! (easier said than done, however ^^)

Einar said...

I will make you and anyone else who did NaNo a sticker when this is over. "Survivor of NaNo":)

shardhana morgan said...

Wow. You were up that long. And I thought I was nocturnal..haha. Anyways, good luck with the 'NaNo' thing; though sometimes I feel the best way of writing is not by taking up a challenge but by being inspired...make sense? no?

By the way, can I ask:
What do you think of 2012? Do you think it's real? Do you have other views?

Einar said...

You've been awarded on my blog Bethie!