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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello World!

Bethany's brain is going ngpgraxngraxxfshlkhhhkp, preceding a classic feeble squawk and death. [explanation: trying to understand Xcode]

Wow it's been a while :)
NaNo is at a stand-still, I'm way behind, and I don't really care. I still want to finish my story but programming is the new thing...yeahhh. I got out a book on C++ from the library the other day and have been plowing through it. Installed Xcode. Tried to get a simple "Hello World!" program to run and ran into road-blocks. Did a lot of poking around forums tenanted by programmers with names like "Hassan" and "FeralDruid-0n-WoW" and such ;)

Finally got it working [yes, it would help if the template I was using was actually for C++....heh]. SO exciting! :)

I have an audio system!!! We will ROCK THE HOUSE on the 21st!!!!!
[oh that's so awesome! I just discovered that my MacBook has a lil green light that goes on whenever you're in caps lock! :) ]

Yeah...Lavaliere wireless mics, on loan from the studio. They run on AA batteries so it's time to pack my pockets o_O

I feel SO DRATTED NERDY!!!!! :) *thumbs up* -congratulate me- *big evil grin*

Fear me, I am a programmer......


Einar said...

Nerds collect stamps and gimmic electronics, geeks do techie stuff. You are a Neek.
Congratulations on your sound system, wish we could get one for recording our Irish music sessions.

Kendra Logan said...

You've been tagged on Carpe Diem!


shardhana morgan said...

You commented:
Bethany said...
thank you for posting this.
You're very welcome. It the least I can do, at least for now.

Bethany said...

Einar- haha, I always thought it was the other way round! Nerds being scholastic, and geeks doing geeky things. Neeks for the win!

Kendra- thanks!! looks if I can just find time to do it...

morgan- :)

Danzibar said...

haha! Glad to hear it's coming along. :) Feel free to send questions my way too if you wish...