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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

yah so i'm back and i'm off again!

sorry for these quick posts......but tis late at night and I've gotta catch up with neglected sleep. 

The shows (all five of them) were AWESOME.   An intense striking of the set, cast party awesome, good times good times.  <3

Back to school [I am being extremely nerdy...beeky?]. Good.  I lessthanthree math.  

  Weather good. 

Robotics: tomorrow me dad and I pack, hold conferences with rest of team, pack food for epic expedition to P-town. We leave at dawn on Thursday and get back late Saturday. 

Three days of peace, love and robotics. Woot! :)  I am even now watching over the rendering (very slow) of the video required for Chairman's Award. HOURS of editing THREE BLINKING MINUTES of film. 

Life is good. I've got two dear friends who are really happy [you know who you are]. :)    Things are going well, nothing unpleasant looms on horizon, I'm not in anguish of mind or heart, SPRING IS HERE, you are all awesome and I love you and I'll see you in a few days! :)


Einar said...

Have fun at robotics! If you manage to snap any videos of the competition or yer team's robot let me know! And congratulations of the shows going so well!

Bethany said...

thanks buddy!!! :) i will, and there shoudl be plenty of photos/footage. will have a LOT more time to communicate once this weekend is over!!

runs off to finish packing........we leave at 6 AM tomorrow.....GOOD TIMES

Rochelle Blue said...

Have a great trip and lots and lots of fun at robotics! looking forward to your return!