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Monday, March 15, 2010

my kaleidoscope life

Before class I write list for the day ahead, I think it helps me stay organized even if I never look at it again. 
-call Amy Hunter  [community access TV station...about internship]
-biology HW 
-robotics DVD....script....
-May scrimmage?
-chicken feed
-scouting data: the plan
-Rise Against

"mathematically viable"! 

On the next page of my notebook there's an illegible first page or so of a short story....the first line is supposed to be in italic, but my hand-writing put that out of the question so I used an HTML tag.....hehehe. 

The weather has gotten a lot warmer today.....all last night I was chilled.....did the Garrison Keillor thing. ' get into bed and shiver in your little takes hours but inch by inch you finally get the whole bed warmed up and then....THE ALARM CLOCK GOES OFF'

Yes. Mmph.   Despite that, I had an insane amount of energy most of the day.....felt ready to fight somebody. Not angry, just a load of adrenaline....went for a walk/run when I came back from school. Geeked out and spent a lot of time on the big robotics forum......way too long in fact. Then I was absolutely thrilled to find that I was in fact still perfectly on schedule with biology, which surprised me because of all the stuff I've been doing. 'You know you're a geek when procrastination doesn't affect your grades.'  hehehehe 


Einar said...

Can't wait to see the new blog!

Grrr, I figured you out! You and yer geekyness figured out how to build an energy-sapping device, and then bounced the rays off some satellite and RIGHT ONTO MY BED!

THEN you pull the energy from the machine and splice it into yer adrenal system! VAMPIRE! STEALING MY SLEEEPPP!!!!



Bethany said...

"....." is right my friend......yes, step one of my evil plan is complete.....adrenaline-stealing. Today it's Einar, tomorrow....the world. >:D

You would be seriously scared if you knew the music that's playing right now.

In a year or so you will look back on today in amazement.......


Anonymous said...

What with your time warping ability and you adrenaline-theivery, it seems you could single-handedly take over the world this weekend.

Einar said...

SHHH!!! Thats step...9? or 10?

Inside joke =D

Bethany said...

I believe Tragedy101 has got it right........take heed.....

And Einar, I believe it is step 11, because it comes after the pure pwnage that will be the math test tomorrow >:D