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Monday, March 8, 2010

As if things could get any more epic.....

Do me a favor and check out this link! :) 

Remember the film festival that I submitted my film to? Well this morning my Facebook homepage (I'm a fan of the film fest) sported a photo from Road to Freedom and an excerpt from the film festival blog. My film is one of the two local Young Filmmakers featured. 

!!!!!!SQUEEEEEE!!!!   I literally danced up and down for about ten minutes.  :) :)


Jare and Lib said...

That is totally awesome Bethany!!! Yay for you!


Einar said...

YESSSS!!! Congratulations Bethie!
Where to next? Hollywood?
Actually, hope not! lol

Tragedy101 said...

Wow! That's Awesome! Congrats!

Rochelle Blue said...

totally epic Bethie!!! you deserve it!

Bethany said...

thank you thank you everyone!!! :) :D