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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life in the land of the Über-geek

Attempting to email a post from the school library, as the school servers don't allow access to me blog:  Entertaining things from math class......

[about some problems on the board]

"Should I talk about these?"


'Do you understand them?"


Students discussing how one of them was applying for a job:

"I feel like the whole useless-manager thing might be part of the problem."

"Don't call again, go in."

"I did."

"Well then let it simmer!" [with a simmering motion of her hand :P ] 

Discussion on 'what to throw into the air' as a height-of-projected-object equation: resulted in penguin. 

"Don't penguins do that, they push one of them into the water and then see if the whale eats it or not?" 

"Well the numbers I'd picked aren't going to match this scenario very well, I guess they're some hardcore penguins...."

Teh notes I took: 

Ex: A penguin is thrown into the air at 112 ft./second by his hardcore buddies from a 75 ft. cliff.    (A) Write the equation for this monstrous action.  (B) What is the maximum height Penguin reaches? When?

Answer: (The vertex! rejoice!)  

(C) When does the whale get him? (hit the water) (assuming the whale waits for in-mouth delivery) 

Debate as to whether the whale would be waiting patiently at nought height for the penguin: 

"Don't you think if there was a scuffle at the top he'd wait, 'Okay serve me up'. But maybe he's a crafty whale, waits for the whole lot to jump in." 

Later, learning about how long devision of polynomials gives us the synthetic-devision algorithm: There were gasps as the variables disappeared off the smartboard. "What! No put it back...stay there....that's better!" 

Kimes: I'm not just magicking it up out of nowhere!

Finn: ? Cause I feel like you are right now....


Danzibar said... are very amusing! :)

Bethany said...

thanks Dan! I love to hear that :D our CLASS is amusing.....our teacher, even more so O.o my life never slows down....