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Friday, March 12, 2010

in which i have an interesting week

Yes my friends, I am still alive and well. The past three weeks have been so incredibly packed that I really have to do a quick recap, although I'm sure you don't want another in-depth description of Performance Week and so on. 

Holy cow, only two weeks ago was the show...Romeo and Juliet. Stress and extreme fun and late nights. After three days to begin to regather my forces and catch up on sleep, it was off to robotics: that was just a week ago. Seems like it's been much longer than that, for several reasons. 
Everything still seems to revolve around playlist has been revamped to include a lotta techno and rock and so forth which brings on instant frenzied memories of the competition. 
I just realized that about 90% of the documents in my computer are related to robotics :D
Here is a link to photos from the event, because posting lotsa photos on blogger is annoying: you should be able to see these even if you don't have facebook.

Let's see, what else has been going on. This afternoon is the opening of the film festival mentioned below. We also got an email listing the winners, and sadly Road to Freedom in not listed, which is a pity....but it's okay; I'm still happier than I've been for a long while. 

I'm going with the CHS robotics team to the national competition in Atlanta.....(not my team) videographer. An extremely exciting development.....I've got the skillz (and the certification) to check out the professional-quality video cameras from the local community access TV station located at the school. I've never been to nationals.....April 15-17...I have heard they are a circus. Period. I am über-thrilled. :)  The team unanimously agreed to have me come....(the student team captain was pulling for me :P) and should be a rather awesome experience.....first steps down the road to a career......woooot :)

Hmmm well that's the most of the big news around here....I'm recovering from a cold that's been plaguing me for a while, all the screaming in P-town didn't help either :P  It's what we call the robotics-scurvy, my dad has it too. 


Einar said...

Hehe, I get the same thing from roaring at the combatants at the Ren Fest joust:)

Hehe, you want a good look at what yet interests are, look at th' documents on yer PC, I am about 50% stuff I wrote, 25% swordfighting, and 25% random school stuff.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun! (other than the fact, it will be in Atlanta.) Fly or drive?

Another opportunity for you to practice operating video camera equipment.

Bethany said...

Einar: True laptop gives a nice lil slice of me life, except when (as now) important data goes missing.... ergh....scouting data. I wanetd to have a sample of my work with which to impress the team, as it looks like i'll be on their scouting team too....

Tragedy101: i think it'll be a lot of fun but i'm NOT looking forward to the city...I hate cities....we're flying. gonna be gone about 4 days. mebbe the red-eye on tuesday night which will be SO fun..haha...
yes, it's a fabulous opportunity :D