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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In reply to Einar and Tragedy101

There were some rather interesting comments on that last should really go look at them. The upshot was my writing out rather an interesting comment in reply and I thought it had better not get buried....


haha, thespian indeed ;) Ah well, Ron Paul is pretty much epicness incarnate..... WHAT'S THIS? A messenger-bag is NOT a purse...not even a is a SATCHEL :D Yes I think it is a conspiracy too.....and I think Einar and Tragedy101 are in on it together.....they claim they don't even know each other.....'tis a lie. You two and a fair portion of my other friends are in is a SCHEME to steal what little remains of my started last November when you rather blatantly failed to keep me from writing a novel in 30 days. This clearly is responsible for the downward trend we see between then and now, in my general sanity-levels...the sanity-score, the s-score.

Back before you-all started egging me on with cries of "Caffeine!" and "How do you do it!" and "I think you are going to take over the world" and the time-honored classic, "You're insane", I was well on my way to becoming a Normal Person. (Others may not have thought so, but humor me for a minute.)

NOW, all is different. NOW I ricochet from one piece of insanity to the next. NOW I lay awake working out ridiculous schemes involving airfares, school-skipping, and the infamous One Bag to Hold Them All. NOW I spend the majority of my life in one (or more) of four places: 1. On Chief Dephi  ....the place for all robotics info, where casual visitors are shocked to discover that FIRST robotics is akin to a cult experience (granted, a cult that involves wrenches and essay-writing) 2. doing math 3. programming 4. holding online conversations which are monuments of randomness/insanity. If you have chatted with me, you know what I am talking about.

A few samples of the random happenstances that drifted through conversations in the past days have included: Thomas Jefferson, lemmings, hunting,, mass hysterical laughter, conniptions, politics, faith, careers, Mac versus PC, and the rather epic quote reprinted with permission below:
O.o Someone on LotRO next room over just played Another one Bites the Dust on their Lute.

This is in addition to speculation on the true colour of my eyes (the case is not closed), the phrase *snicker*, trenchcoats, self-defense, rather an over-use by all concerned of O.o (albeit usually with good reason), discussion with a person I had seen only an hour earlier in to another dear friend who had previously been rather whacked on Dayquil (having a cold), discussion of the pampering of filmmakers at last week's film fest, Nutella, and so on and so forth.

In short, I think we can conclude that it is YOUR fault. Not just you two, but really all my followers/friends/henchpeople who keep spurring me on to New Heights of Bethie-ness. THANKS A LOT.



Einar said...

Welcome sister, we've been expecting you :)

I would say more but it might spoil the epicness of the above line =D

Einar said...

Oh, and LOTRO FTW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, I no longer have a computer, I think, I'll follow your blog. It's safer this way.

Bethany said...

Einar: (silence)

That was a very epic line, my friend!! :D It sounds like I'm in good company......

Tragedy101: I am interested to know why it's safer? hehe.....does not having a computer put a safe buffer between you and the weirdness that flows from my keyboard? :)