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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hah I'm in a really weird prepared for randomness.  Here are two Facebook statii:

Sunday night:
 Little geek spaz-out: "YAY! Math! I love math! Where's some scratch paper?" Day not going too well, I happened to log into online College Algebra homework and now know what I'm going to do this evening before folk dance.
Oh and the scratch paper was the backs of robotics scouting sheets.......

Next day: 
You know you're a nerd when: you are bored on a Sunday night and get excited when you remember there's some online College Algebra homework that isn't due for a week or proceed to finish it up....and then are disappointed it's all finished. Good grief I have no life.....

Yes, I was in fact rather disappointed that my math was finished.   ^_^ 

Yesterday evening I went out with some friends, for the first time in MONTHS....lotsa fun :)

I have to buy a bag for me trip to  is the main see it has to hold the video camera (HUGE), laptop Eddie, not to mention such little sundries as clothes and food. I refuse to have more than one bag (save the tripod bag) with me. Likewise, suitcases on wheels are has to be carryable.....the strap has to be able to throttle me, inotherwords. The ideal thing is to have the strap of one bag conspiring with the strap of the other bag, effectively choking off one's neck. Good for long treks.   I have been told that the bag must not be allowed to imprint on Eddie (laptop) at a young age. 

Hmm I have just been called a hobbit.....this is awesome.....yes and random! Random, trademarked! 

Saturday we spent quite a few hours pruning blueberry bushes.  Facebook statii tell the story of the week: 
Several observations from the afternoon spent pruning blueberries: 1. Wear a sunhat to avoid burning one's vampirishly-pale skin 2. Techno is the best music to prune to 3. Hunting knives are better than clippers 4. Gotta blister on her little finger :D

quotes from dad: "Was there a pair of pliers in the pantry?" and "I'll glue it on and then you'll have a two-legged cow" me: "is that all?" "Instead of a one-legged cow..." [he was looking for pliers to take the glue lid off to glue the leg on a wooden cow cut-out] 

Top quotes of the past few days: 'Crap....I think I just swallowed glass' and 'Wow...I have just been handed a lime margarita' from two different people whilst chatting with them. Both were superbly random.      Oh and before you get too worried, the lime margarita was non-alcoholic and the glass has been taken care of   O.o

Other stuff: am wading through scholastic requirements for next year......looks like more College Now classes at the local high school are in order. I planned to take Trig at community college in the fall, then Calc, but it looks like it is very hard to get into classes there.....simply no room. I'll probably take the equivalent classes at the high school. 

A side note....the most awesome combination of smells EVER has got to be really high-quality rose-water mixed with woodsmoke........

byebye folks!  Also, how many people actually read this, I wonder?  


Scotland said...

I read it! Haha

Anonymous said...

I do, too! The vapirical dancing thesbian hobbitses of the Northern oceanic climes innundated with socialist commies and Ron Paul supporters. How can they live together in such close quarters? We wonders, yes, we do?

Bethany said...

hey Josiah, thank you! :) :)

Tragedy101....haha awesome, you're one of the two faithful commenters I referred to....wait, I referred to that in an old version of the post....hehe.
Hmm, you actually summed my life up pretty well just there.....specially the bit about the socialist commies living near Ron Paul supporters.....btw, have I mentioned Ron Paul much in this blog? I can't remember....but he's my candidate for president 2012....

Bethany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

My sincerest apollogies, that should be thespian.

I cannot recall if I support Ron Paul, for some reason I was thinking I don't, but the reason now eludes me. I think you've mentioned him twice, here.

Einar said...


Yes, must keep Eddie away from the magical Bag of Holding! Combining a Mac with unpredictable enchantments is a good way to end up with a sentient purse with REALLY bad attitude problems :D

Yer bags try to strangle you too? I think it's a conspiracy... >.>

And I have already copylefted both Hobbits and Randomness, you must pay royalties to use them!

Anonymous said...

I thought with a copyleft you had to pay loyalties. Or was that lay yetis?