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Friday, December 4, 2009

coooollld weather!

Was so terribly thrilled at biology class yesterday to be able to offer two AA batteries for the camera so that we could take pictures of our cell models. Preparedness for the win! The Boy Scouts' motto should have been mine: "Be prepared": after all, everyone knows that girls always carry quantities of random crud in their purses! I have a purse, and it has a large stash of stuff: blue tape, gloves, hand warmers, and a secondary stash of all the stuff in my pockets. But with my pockets alone I could subsist for a looong time. Might have to resort to eating the band aids, but whatever.
culinary. we didn't cook, did book work, watched video (REALLY boring, haha) etc. My team (four peeps all told) always sits together, back row, and the lads (two boys and two girls) are rather exuberant, shall we say? Katie and I try to squelch them at intervals...anyways, Nate had a rubber-band...he and Katie, who is older, have a love/hate relationship, he asks me if I have a rubber band and of course I did, in me pocket....he said he wasn't going to shoot it...i forked it over...he took aim and i promptly snatched it back....Katie and I exchanged was hysterical. there was pencil-stabbing going on, mostly without the teacher's noticing. I wound up confiscating his final rubber-band..i love those things...

At school today I went over the whole school and part of the grounds, hunting up math teachers. I had previously decided to, if possible, join the College Algebra/Trig class which is in the spring term. To the office to sign up, then off to find the teacher. Found that I likely wouldn't be able to do it after all, so it was back to the office and off across the school to hunt up the Advanced Alg. teacher. FInally found him on the other side of campus overseeing the delivery of some oranges for one of the sports teams.
As it stands, it looks like I'll be starting for the tail-end of the Advanced Alg. class, through the end of the term, and then (hopefully) going on to College Alg. GULP!! but just think...College Credit!!

other stuff:
my dad thought he was growing a goji berry (little asian thing) last year...he planted the seeds..nursed them up from the soil...tendered them through the rigors of life..only one survived. I kept saying it looked like a hot pepper September it developed little hot peppers....clearly identifiable as the Bolivian Rainbow he'd had in the pot the year before.

bread is epic in our house.
my dad has always been a connoisseur. he used to drive up to Portland to buy good stuff. wonder bread or equiv. is not allowed in the house. of course he's tried to make it but no luck. last Christmas we got a book on artisan bread in 5 mins. a day and all heck broke loose. the recipe requires a really wet dough that sits about menacing people for a few days before being baked. it then has to be put on a baking stone (the pursuit of which item down isles of Bed Bath and Beyond is a whole other chapter). and let to would crawl eerily forth...down the side of the pan...into the sink...into the woodstove...he'd usually get it in the oven around 10 pm, it was quite exciting....and always the wondering, would it turn out??

hum-ty-hum....made a header for Carpe Diem....took a walk...struggled against the freezing weather. There were places in the shade that never thawed today.

The weather is getting very interesting....supposed to be low 20s tonight, looks like Sunday through Tuesday will be coldest, 18-19 at night and barely above freezing in the day...yowps!

Me: (talking about the upcoming cold) I bet the lake freezes.
My dad: Oh boy! We can fall into it!



Kendra Logan said...

Haha, culinary sounds like my biology class...and all the other classes XD

And I loooooove the header! The gold one is my favorite, too :)


Bethany said...

yup, I always think we have a little too much fun in biology
glad you like the header! :)

Einar said...

Feel sorry fer yer Dad, I hate it when my plants seem to be doing so well, and then find out what I see is really a carnivorous weed that ate my original seedlings.

Rochelle Blue said...

culinary sounds like fun haha!
oooh that is cold... I remember that kind of weather from when I was living in Canada *shivers at the memory* has it stated to snow?
what are your plans for christmas?

Bethany said...

Sorry it's taking me so long to get to your comments.... you have much trouble with pigweed or amaranth? it gets hugs here...

Rochelle--hehe, well snow is forecasted for tonight but it is supposed to warm up to rain all the rest of the week..ergh. Our Christmas plans are nebulous...dinner with Grandma, and lots of catching up in algebra..hehe. I might stick in a small tea or party or somesuch, if things don't prevent :)

Einar said...

We have Crabgrass and Chickweed (possibly a variant of Pigweed?) Crabgrass is 'th worst, is kills everything, and can reproduce from a single root.