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Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm being eaten....

by algebra...the teacher was complimentary "There's some good work there, for not having had the class"....
I spent much of my Friday night working on algebra...particularly one problem which took me 45 minutes. Then on Saturday, with no snow in evidence but some very nasty driving conditions (read: solid sheet of ice on road) we got to the robotics meet at 11 AM. Believe me, the LEGO League robotics competition is a placid picnic compared to, say, the Portland FRC regionals! Fun though :) There was only one other person from our team, and only two other FRC (high school) teams there, but there was no shortage of help.
Me dad had planned to not stay any longer than necessary, but I decided I'd rather stay for 5 hours than go home and tackle the algebra! Most of the time I was working in the back rooms where the judges interview the teams on various aspects of their robot, teamwork and that sort. There were some other FRC peeps there, from Philomath mostly, and we had way too much fun in the intervals between groups of FLL kids coming to be judged.

I may have commented on this before, but geeks for the win!! At regionals in March I always notice how nice just about everyone a scout I come into contact with a LOT of people and they are sweet and nerdy and funny (good combination, by the way).

Hehe, this year I'm finally on something of an even footing: engineering stuff is still out of my league (what's a resistor?) but at least I am not so entirely clueless. C++ is the code used for a lot of the programming so that helps :)
Chatted with aforementioned awesome nerdy people....Hitchhiker's science....math ("fun when you understand it")....admiration for my stock of batteries in pocket, and little 9-volt flashlight (SO cool..robotics people are unfailingly intrigued). Way too many jokes and fun for volunteer hours ;)

Then last night I was eaten by the algebra homework that I had so thoughtfully left til the last; also memorized my twenty lines of Shakespeare for the audition today. That's in a few hours o_O

On the subject of geeks, geekery and nerds, neeks, beeks, brains, and other intelligent things: let's talk. I think most of us would admit that we have tendencies to one or the other. Girls are afraid (really? are we?) of being thought nerdy....intellectual..."guys don't like girls who are smarter than they are"....all that jazz.
Lads: weigh in! Are YOU secretly afraid of being thought nerdy? What about nerdy/geeky girls? I have it on good authority that geeky guys like geeky aware that 90% of the few crushes I have had have been on nerdy fear not, thou'rt not despised by the entire female population...just the despicable cheer-leading type....give me the good programmer over the football quarterback any day! ;)

Let's get a nice big happy forum going in the comments, folks! hehe...tales of geekery...


Anonymous said...

Well yeah, I'd agree with you there: Football QB's are pretty worthless. Though some of the best programmers, I know, were line backers. One was a state champion, wrestler.

Einar said...

I personally care little for what others think of my interests, but I DO tend to seek out friends with those same interests. Not always though, I have a few friends who are not quite interested in the same things as me.
Personally, I would not mind courting a young lady smarter than me (In fact, it seems VERY likely, lol!)

The way I see things, a young lady does not need to be particularly adept in any or all fields to be a fine wife, Proverbs 31:10-31 points out character traits, rather than actual interests, and those are what I shall look for first (When I am old enough to court)

Anonymous said...

How old do you figure is old enough?

Einar said...

Whatever age my parents decide, in this case, 17. I think they would make an exception if anyone had come and asked permission to court me, but that is rather unlikely to happen, since I am a guy:)

Anonymous said...

We do live in a brave new world. I'm thinking 32, that will give me a bit more time to figure out who I am.

As far as dating a girl smarter than me, I concur, I find it hard to imagine there are many to the other side. A programmer would be very interesting and helpful, hmm. I'll have to think about that.

Anonymous said...

geeky/nerdy appearance explanation:

Everyone should wear eye protection; the likelyhood of vision damage or loss is lessened when exposed to shattering tools, exploding chemical mixtures, richochetting projectiles, or other unexpected phenomenas.

Pocket protector:
Pencil and ink stains are unseemly. Also offers limited protection against against battery acid.

Suits and ties:
Hitch hiking is much easier, people trust professionals.

An intimate knowlege of technology:
Everyone will protect the "brain" in an appocalyptic event, how else can they re-invent life's necessities: the wheel, gunpowder, and video games.