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Friday, December 11, 2009

from the heart of the Frozen North!

As I speak we expect it so begin snowing any moment!
The weather has been amazingly cold for the past few days....I know 8 degrees and 20s/30s in day sounds mild for you hard-core Northerners, but it is unheard-of here!
The Mary's River is frozen over where it intersects with the Willamette, and that has NEVER happened before.

This morning it was clear and sunny, but when I came out after B block math class it had clouded over ominously and at the end of culinary there was an announcement that the winter formal dance tomorrow might be canceled. I'm not going to anything this weekend very crucial, so I'm all excited :) We stopped at the feed store to pick up some chicken feed and I've never seen it so busy.

Yesterday in math I managed to get myself into the wrong room for about half the class period...looong painful turned out okay fortunately. They all headed into the computer lab...I stayed behind to talk to teacher...then went to the computer lab where we had been the day BEFORE...wondered occasionally why the teacher never showed...they were in a different computer lab..there was another class there, but after two days I still didn't recognize the kids in my class darned FUN!'s really hard to come from homeschooling to large public school....oh wellz
Then today we had a test...there's a lot of review stuff right now, in prep for tests in sync with local community college which grants college credits....I've got SO much of the book left to work through...weekend plans include math, math and more math....

Tomorrow morning I've got a robotics meet of sorts...actually it's for helping the local elementary-age kids with their lego-robotics competition....looks good on your application for the Chairman's Award. I shall have to post about robotics, because it it a large part of my and my dad's year, January through early March.

A note about the film of the play, and Road to Freedom: I am currently in limbo on the video of the play, the recording we got was very unsatisfactory and I'm trying to get hold of a better recording, if that goes through I might get them done by after Christmas break but with trying to catch up with algebra and such I really can't make any promises, and in January life gets slightly insane. Road to Freedom could go out at any time however. I'm sorry, I will need to charge for the copies, shipping and the rough cost of the DVD, shouldn't be too bad though. If you feel comfortable with giving out address, feel free to pop me an email (goatgirlbethie at gmail dot com) and we can work something out. I will try to post clips here eventually, but I imagine the upload times would be rather ghastly on my end, my DSL is slow.

Merry Christmas everyone, it is really beginning to feel like winter! :)


Evergreena said...

I guess I'm considered a "hard-core northerner." 20/30 degrees is BALMY!

Lately it's been very close to zero. And my brother still bikes to school every day. :)

Bethany said...

Haha, yeah, yesterday it finally warmed up to about 32 (it had been in teens for days) and it felt so warm! Freezing rain today....

The Reluctant Dragon said...

You are talking about the state competition, right? Are you WA?

Me brother does robotics w/ FLL and I went to his regional tournament on the 5th.

Have fun!

Bethany said...

Yeah...this is my first year helping out there...I do the FRC competition starting in January...getting all excited about that. :)

I'm in Oregon, actually :)