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Monday, December 28, 2009

in which we race madly about

Woke up far too early this morning....could not get back to sleep...then there was a noise outside as of a cat squalling, or maybe the death-shriek of a mouse....THEN I became hungry and came downstairs to find that despite the dark it was nearly 7.

Perhaps slightly hysterically funny from lack of sleep, I engaged in a hysterically funny chat with a buddy which had me laughing aloud (alone in darkened kitchen) at points. This started the day off right, as it were. I then contended with the ridiculous cold (getting hay for the goats). I made a pretty sight: sweats, trouser (pant? hmm) legs rolled up, feet encased in battered Crocs, trenchcoat over all, flying out around me as I beat a hasty retreat from the driveway from whence I had intended to stage a 'nice brisk walk round the neighborhood' before discovering that my nose would freeze off.

OH YES....trenchcoat...I finally got one...heHEE....definitely adds to the image! :)

Spent the day doing math sporadically, and doing some housework on Eddie. Such a sweet computer (proud smile on my parental face). Organizing files is so much cleaner and easier than doing so on WIndows.

Yesterday we spent a grueling few hours shopping for t-shirts and such, then came home. Daddy stated that he was going to town (other direction from shops) and I became noticeably excited. "Are we going to the CO-OP?!" "Do we need to go to the Library!" "Borders!!"
One knows one lives in a small town when the big excitement for the whole WEEK is going to the grocery store, library and Borders Books.
I spent a long time in Borders poring over the programming books...nice big thick ones....IN the trenchcoat of course :)

Aaaand I promised fun stuff coming up on the blog....eventually...hehe :)

About 4 pm I noticed that Fiona-goat was very, very much in heat. This precipitated a lot of frenzied phoning about, racing to and fro, and finally packing her and Starlight into the car (on the back seat on a tarp) to take them down to the buck in Alpine. Long exhausting drive in terrible fog. However we really do know that at least Fiona is in heat so yay! Such is the life of the goat-herd.
Goats have such marvelous timing, what with the fog tonight, possibility of snow tomorrow morning, dentist appointment tomorrow AM, and my dad trying to get to a movie tonight (which he did get to). Busybusy.


Logan said...

Hey. Browsing some of your music here. Never heard of Garmarna. Awesome stuff.

So you raise goats? Maybe you have another post on it somewhere.

Happy New Year!

Bethany said...

hey Logan! :) yah, I found Garmarna by a random fluke last year..they have some great music. I think they're Swedish.

yeppers, goats pervade my life to some extent...scroll down, there's a list of posts according to tags and several 'goat-posts'. :)