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Friday, December 18, 2009

holiday fun-ness

Now don't pounce on me for not saying Christmas, because I hate Happy Holidays as a greeting; it's just that the whole season from Thanksgiving to New Year's is one big round of one festival after another.

Let's see: First things first. Auditions for Romeo and Juliet went well (my week has been very, very busy). On Monday I gave my monologue which went pretty well, and did the dance audition which was VERY easy. Tuesday did not go so well: we did read-throughs and I was given a very small part, so I figured I wouldn't get a large speaking part. Did not go to call-backs on Wednesday; that night, however, the cast list came out and I'm a dancer in the ball scene. Fun stuffs! Hopefully the rehearsal schedule won't be too evil, and I get a pretty dress and get to be pretty much involved. I'm back in theatre business, I'm so happy!

Let's see. Wednesday afternoon I went to another (unrelated) theatre meeting; came home and spent four or five hours baking yummy stuff for various social engagements this week. The power had gone out in part of our kitchen: phone, light above the sink but fortunatley not the stove. Probably mice, chewing through wires. My dad was not enthused about crawling under the house; "You know, whenever there's an earthquake you just know that there was somebody under their house fixing we need anything from the grocery store?" Hehe, that's a bit of a combination of his words with mine :)

Anyways, he and I managed to pretty much wreck the kitchen what with making cookies and pralines and Walnut Chocolates (ground walnuts mixed with powdered sugar, dipped in chocolate) and all sorts. There was an uncalled-for amount of hilarity :) As he spreads chocolate on the walnut-cake with a knife I ward off the waving knie-tip: "Almost poked me in the eye there!" "We're untrained, unskilled and dangerous." I was still up and cooking at ten PM...unheard-of.

Yesterday was bio and math and that sort....then off to goat 4-H club in the evening. I came down with a cold sadly; but it's not too bad. I'm going to a piano concert tonight, tomorrow is the first event of the local chapter of Improv Everywhere, (a tea on the sidewalk) and I need to do some Christmas shopping ;)

I'm really looking forward to sleeping in this vacation!! And rendezvousing with neglected friends :)


Einar said...

Sleep is overrated, caffeine on the other hand....

Bethany said...

heHEE! In culinary the other day we were studying nutrition, to represent the different nutrients we were supposed to trace our hands on a piece of paper: the thumb was carbohydrates, etc: Nate asked "What's the big part?" referring to the palm; I answered, "That's caffeine."

Maggie said...

You are a busy person! Wow! Thats even more hetic than my crazy scedule with over 20 hours of dancer 7 days a week. (well, every once and a while I have dance practice on Sunday, so normally its just Monday- Saturday of 20 hours of dance)

Have a great day! I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.

Many blessings,

Rochelle Blue said...

yum! the walnut chocolates sounds sooo good (too bad I'm allergic to nuts though ^^)

Bethany said...

Maggie: welcome! :) yes, my schedule is busy..but being busy tends to keep me from being lonely or bored, so that's good :)

Rochelle: oh dear, I cannot imagine being allergic to nuts :( Tha!y are rather crucial to my diet of 'wizened fruits, weird nuts, and esoteric seeds', hehe!

Kendra Logan said...

You've been awarded on Carpe Diem!