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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

definitely neeky

Oog. Brain fry.

Took my first class in Advanced Algebra today, muddled through as best I could and came home and spent four hours solid, going through the book from the beginning. I have a definite love/hate relationship with math!

The couch by the fireplace, and adjoining table, is covered with nerdy/geeky/neeky books: Algebra 2 (from school), Algebra 2 which I checked out from the public library over the weekend, biology textbook, beginning programming book (thick), programming book by the developer of C++ himself (also from the weekend library trip), biology and math notebooks, Eddie (okay, computer not book, but it's got my bio. notes and the notoriously buggy compiler Xcode on it), bio definitions in lil binder, Hitchhiker's book 4. dad said I couldn't really be a geek, I don't look geeky

Weather continues very cold and dry. Was down to about 11 F last night.

Folk dance on Sunday night was AWESOME, I do wish we had it more often than every two weeks.

The blog needs a Christmas header/ TIME...

Listening/watching rerun of Bill Cosby show, absorbing the humor from the other room :)

"Now mind you, I'm very cool. I don't know what I'm doing; but I'm very cool."


Kendra Logan said...

I *love* the new layout!!!


Einar said...

New layout AWESOME!

Grr, keep trying to add the first song on your playlist to mine, but I cannot see the button, yer playlist is cut in half.

Rochelle Blue said...

Awesone layout Bethany!

oh and you still willing to make copies of your performance? I finally got my mum and dad to agree! should I send you an e-mail with all the personal information?