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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No excuses, no regrets

If you do what you want, be prepared to pay for it. There will be consequences.  At the same time, NO REGRETS. If you sinned, know that God can and will forgive you. Don't make excuses. But don't spend the rest of your life in regrets. At the time you did exactly what you wanted. Someway, somehow, it will turn out for the best.
[and no, I don't know all this from experience.]

This goes for things you can't control too. Accept what happened and move on.

No regrets.


Einar said...

Hrmmmm, easier said than done when you think about it :)

Tragedy101 said...

Don't contemplate the future, much; and contemplate the past, less.


Live for the present! Consequences are the worries of tomorrow. And, as the Good Lord says, "Tomorrow will take care of itself."

Good plan! Wish I'd thought of it myself...

Bethany said...

Einar: Very true, unfortunately.

Tragedy101: This is sort of a peace-making for me between 'live for today' and I forget, now.

What is happening NOW is what we have to focus on.

Rochelle Blue said...

I live by that rule: No Regrets, no matter what :))

how are you? I haven't heard from you in such a long time... I need to catch up on my blogging

Bethany said...

aww Rochelle, good to hear from you :) I'll pop you an email, 'kay? :)

Rochelle Blue said...
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Rochelle Blue said...

Sounds good!

by the way I've just awarded/tagged you! :))

love, roch

Tragedy101 said...

I was aware.

However, there are only two groups of people with no regrets:

1) Very young children,

2) The criminally insane.

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...


Thanks so much for following my blog, and commenting on it! I really appreciate it!

God Bless!