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Friday, May 21, 2010

at the bottom of the sine curve.

Life is doing its best right now to make me die, or else make me cry, and it is having its tail kicked because I refuse to do either.

It is amusing to me that whether my life is going well or going badly, it is always epic.  Trips halfway across the country, and cancer in the family, and filmmaking, and everything in between.

This started out as your typical enigmatic woe-is-me, I-am-alone, fade-to-black type of post but I am not going to inflict that on my reader[s? I wonder].  

I don't ever hit rock bottom, the sine curve only goes to -1 and nobody could call that rock bottom.   That's assuming we're on the unit circle of course.

I have to go. We're heading up to a robotics gig this afternoon and I need to mastermind the whole affair, as far as packing and quartermastering and marshalling the forces of food and so on. You see, I can't be tragic, or at least can't sound that way. Because even the worst things are kind of funny, if you think about them. I come home in the rain and laugh at the sky, and it's almost funny, almost like something amusing happened.  It's more of a growl though.

You know me, in a day or two I'll be back in town with amusing tales of my life as a geek. Maybe things are only funny when you know that right behind the laugh is a growl, a snarl. Tears, maybe. Pride twists you and makes it weakness to cry.

Have fun, in your personal selection of varied topics, tears and laughter and....snarls.

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