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Thursday, May 27, 2010


I hadn't been outside in a while....of course I went outside to deal with the critters, but there was always the feeling of fighting against the weather, which has been very very damp....this evening I had to run outside. It's almost June and the wild roses are blooming. The rain stopped for a while, too. 

Funny how everything can change in a minute. It's happened an awful lot in the last few weeks...few months....scratch that, it's been happening my whole life. 

Lately, there've been horrible things that just sprang on me....and good things. The last two have been good things. As hinted at by the title of this post. 

It's almost June. I think of where I was last June, and where I am now, and I wouldn't go back if I could. No regrets, because in this case there is nothing to regret. 

I could write a poem, except that I don't write poetry when I'm happy. 

I can only say: thank you. God has been good.  I have much to be grateful for. The past few months, I've happier than ever before. 

Treasure every moment. 

The roses are blooming. 

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