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Monday, February 8, 2010

and so we embark on the next project

Well well well....It's been busy!   

The four-day weekend proved only somewhat relaxing, but very fun.....Thursday and Friday was mostly taken up with sleeping and rehearsals/robotics. Saturday was a grueling 10-hour day at robotics.....most of the crew peeled off by 5 PM or so but one mentor and one other student and of course my dad and me stayed til after 7  O_o
After that it was off to a sleepover with my best buddy :) which was oodles of fun...we watched the second Star Wars film....stayed awake way too long chatting :)   Off to church next morning....then home where I proceeded to crash, and help parents clear branches and such over at grandparents' property......then to folk dance last night....good times :)

Today was the first day of the new'll notice I spell it the British way....I just have one math class at CHS but it looks like a beast.....there were reviews from past students handed round, advice for us....and suffice it to say that the homework will be insane.......we also learned that the class (College Algebra) is one of the hardest math classes at school....yowps.  

This is going to be SO fun.   hehehehehehehe

Look for me tomorrow and you'll find me an insane gal.....heheheh. Rehearsals also go well. 


Einar said...

I found this the other day and thought you would love it, be sure and read to the end, then watch the video:)

Rochelle Blue said...

Very fun! and good luck in math! I don't know about you, but I absolutely hate math!

kanishk said...

You are so descriptive. I can almost see it.

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