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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just a quick and over-capitalized note from Bethie-the-Insane! :D

Today got back our math tests from last Friday (finals times). We graded them in class, as well as turning in our calculator project (have I actually not posted on that? The assignment was to use a graphing calculator to draw a picture of a cartoon character, using but lotsa work).   
Me calc proj. (Charlie Brown :)  turned out well.....glad to be done. AND the math test was AWESOME!!!!!!     I thought I did rather poorly on it.....but NO.........

Came out of class and could not stop smiling XD  

Oh, and rehearsals are AWESOME :)  Three weeks til the show, yowp!   Tried on half of one of my two costumes yesterday, so puurtyy!  hehehehe    Blue tapestry-sort bodice. All the costumes are really awesome. It's so fun to be part of a huge production like this!!!!  We had a hysterically funny and awesome rehearsal yesterday, people running around with costumes, we've got a set onstage, balcony etc. and during the balcony scene bit they've got Romeo climbing part way up to talk to Juliet, and it was a really long scene.......the people watching from the wings were treated to the sight of the guy playing Capulet coming quietly up onstage with a long pole used in a later scene.....with Directorial approval, he later said.....well Romeo did not respond well to being poked whilst ten feet above the stage.........he just escaped falling off laughing......while the rest of the cast went into hysterics, more or less.....good times XD  

and with this, dear friends, I leave to rehearsal! :P


Anonymous said...

You are so descriptive. I can almost see it.

Graphing calculators - another form of programming to attempt.

Bethany said...

hehe...thanks....I love describing hilarious (and not) incidents....

Oh yes, programming calculators is fun....except 'save' is of my classmates had a random incident which wiped her calc's memory.....not cool :(

Einar said...

*Sigh* Wish our play practices were as funny, the best we get is Gracie freaking out over ladybugs:)

Bethany said...'ve just got to see humor in every I do ;)
This results in me laughing before I go to sleep, and having a private chuckle over something or other as I brush my teeth in the morning. You should try it. :P

kanishk said...

.I love describing hilarious

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