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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Perhaps pedantic

 A quick note from the frozen North! Except it's not frozen.....we've had rather warm weather. Warm and very, very damp. 

My weekend proved harassing: lots and lots of math. Saturday afternoon I went to the second performance of Mary Poppins.....came home and did about 6 hours of math. Went to bed around 11 PM (late for me) but could not get to sleep: at 1 AM I decided that I was hungry and a carrot, some goat cheese on bread, and a cup of hot cocoa would be just the thing. And of course I had to check Facebook while I was up, went back to bed and set my alarm for 6:30 next morning, so as to get the math out of the way early.  On less than 6 hours of sleep I continued through the day, and by evening was slightly high from lack of sleep, and inclined to become enthused at the smallest provocation. In this mood I attended the last (for that weekend) performance of Mary Poppins. 

The show was fabulous, by far the best of the three that I saw. By the first scene I could tell it was going to be a good show, the energy was high, the audience was awesome. I remained positively bouncing with excitement the whole time and started a standing ovation at the end :D 
One of our little errands earlier in the day had been to go to Staples and buy a flash drive, to replace the one which went missing before Christmas. That was a lengthy process and I am now the embarrassed owner of a PINK 4GB flash drive. There was an interesting sequence of events that led to our getting it much cheaper than the identical black one. At least it is a dark, metallic pink, not bubble-gum. Ergh.   It needs a name now.....I think it may be a he.....

Another little highlight of my weekend involved chasing an escaped goat through the mud while Siamsa (Lord of the Dance soundtrack) played in the background.   I had neglected to fasten the gate while getting hay for the goats and of course Fiona made off across the yard at top speed. I slid in the chicken-yard mud and almost miraculously avoided getting any mud on my trenchcoat. Twas truly epic. 

I am feeling more nerdy every day. How embarrassing to decide, in what may be my last year of high school, that I actually sort of like math and might want to be a computer programmer! A little late, don't you think, considering that I barely knew how to use a computer at age 11? 

I haunt the counseling center at CHS, hunting down interviews with officials, trying to iron out the National Merit situation. Note: if you ever qualify for National Merit, do NOT pass it up for any reason! You will regret it and spend your life hanging around sketchy hallways attempting to schedule alternative means: like retaking the SAT.....      

And it would be very handy if I could decide whether I want to be a writer, theatre geek, or computer programmer, or event planner. 

Math was AWESOME today, the teacher is splendid, the energy is high. Conic sections! woot! 

AND my programming book finally came in at the library :D 

A quick note: a beloved follower commented on my use of brackets.....hehe, long story! It began with my messy handwriting and the fact that parentheses look like a C, sort of. Hence I made the switch to brackets and it carried over into typing [as you can observe in this painfully obvious example]. 

I promise, sometime soon we will have a Trenchcoats United award......   >:)   Meanwhile, the name is Copyright!! :P
Did YOU wear your trenchcoat with pride today?


Einar said...

*Sniff* No, I wore my leather jacket trenchcoat is in the wash.

Lady Brainsample said...

I love my black trenchcoat....

Kendra Logan said...

I vote you name the flashdrive Herb.

...*blink* Actually, I don't know why I suggested that. Usually I have to analyze my name suggestions or make them into a pun first. But, Herb just came out.

I also know you did not *ask* for name suggestions, so never mind anyway.

Odd mood. Sorry :D


Bethany said...

Whee! I slouch back around the blog and lo, there's three comments! :) :)

Einar: ah, too bad ;) But I can't say fail, because leather jackets are fairly awesome too.

Lady Brainsample: Yay for trenchcoats! :) I must say, black is even more awesome than tan....

Kendra: Hooray for odd moods! :P I was definitely courting suggestions, hehe. Herb sounds pretty good actually! Herb...Herbie...hehe

Gwyn said...

Ha! I thought I was the only one who who uses 'pedantic'!
High fiver!

Bethany said...

hehe Gwyn! :) pedantic! woot woot! I have actually been called that....which says something about my associates ^^

♥Libby♥ said...

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Evergreena said...

I don't wear my trenchcoat to work because librarians are a suspicious sort. *shifty eyes*

kanishk said...

I love my black trenchcoat....

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