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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bethany wants to say goodbye

I feel like I'm making the preparations for my own funeral: putting all my earthly affairs in order, saying a last goodbye to friends, explaining that I will be in a better (?) world. Explanation: school starts Monday. 

I got behind on my math yesterday, so today I have 6 lessons to work through. Please cue loud music and adrenaline. 

Last night I went to the opening night performance of the local AAA Theatre's show Mary Poppins.  Very impressive and a fun show. Am going to the matinĂ©e show today, and the evening performance tomorrow. 

This week I have a number of things: goat 4-H club, and on Saturday is the robotics kick-off, at an unholy hour of the morning. And oh yes, I was just reminded that there is still that blasted biology quarterly test to study for and take. :(   Hopefully rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet will start also. 

I shan't be able to resist posting from time to time, because my blog is my journal more or less, but it probably won't be often. So farewell folks, it's been good knowing you  :)

*exits stage left humming 'Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheroo'* 


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Costume Queen said...

Yay for theatre geeks! =D

Who are you playing in Romeo and Juliet?

Bethany said...

hi and welcome, Costume Queen! :)

I'm playing a Capulet servant....a pretty small part, but it's just so fun to be involved at all :P