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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Epic times in St Louis!

INSTA-POST! Just add water! It will be short..

In the last few months I have:

-received a full scholarship from LeTourneau University, which pretty much sealed my decision to go there. I've since gotten a few more scholarships to help with room and board. I'm shipping out at the end of August. 

-been to FIRST International Championships, with Team 1510 from Portland area, where I had a FABULOUS time chatting up VIPs, attending Dean's List events, going to team-social shindigs, cheering myself hoarse even though I didn't have a team there, collecting a cadre of male teenage hangers-on, staying up all night talking aided by 5-Hour Energy, getting my picture taken with Woodie Flowers [FIRST fans, please squeal], and generally raising the roof in St. Looey, as I stubbornly keep mispronouncing it. 

-been on the verge of A Serious Relationship/ Courtship / Intentional Dating / SOMETHING. Okay, I actually still am on the verge, it's just being postponed like three years....whatever. I'm babbling now, but it's been quite the epic few weeks. Okay, no, make that 'quite the epic YEAR'. Ladies, you may now squeal, the lad is really rather awesome. And I'm not saying more because I object to emoting about relationships on my blog ;) 

-in lighter news, I've been asked to prom [by one of the more favored hangers-on collected in St. Looey] and am in a delirious girly frenzy of DRESS and TRESS and STRESS, aided and abetted by the occasional call to stalwart buddy Eva ['Squee! Hair! Robots! I hate shopping! Purty dress! Eee!' ad nauseum]

-Roboshock, the big off-season event, approaches swiftly. Now, only two of our team members have committed to will be a busy day. May 21st is going to be QUITE the EVENT, let me tell you. On that day, we have ROBOSHOCK, ROBOTS ALL DAY LOOONG, and then in the evening it's up to Portland for prom. 

I think I have hit on all the high points...believe me, there have been low points, but the highs are really more entertaining, aren't they now? 


Anonymous said...

How else would you pronounce Louis?

Congratulations! You pack alot more into a short time than I could.

Bethany Bassett said...

HEY! Congrats from one Heritage winner to another! (Any coincidence we're both Bethanys? :) )

Bethany said...

Thanks guys :)

Elizabeth said...

HOLY CRAP!!! CONGRATULATIONS! On the AMAZING scholarship, on the GUY (EEP!), on PROM... haha, I'm not well versed on FIRST, so I didn't squeal for that, but am happy for your happiness! Congrats girl! :D :D :D! And as a follower, let me say, I wouldn't mind a BIT if you talked about your relationship and everything ;). I'm sorry that there have been some serious lows among all these highs, but am praying that the highs outnumber the lows in the future! Best of luck girl! <3

Bethany said...

=D Thanks Elizabeth, for the bolstering enthusiasm, hehe. It means a lot to have people comment, as always. Let's hope I don't stop posting entirely once I get to college...I don't think I will though. And as for posting about the relationship, we'll see ;) Probably not for some time though, heh. But feel free to pop me an email at goatgirlbethie <> gmail <> com [can we foil the spambots?]if you ever want to talk more and I'll happily chatter on...although people who correspond with me by email know I'm rather bad at writing as often as I should. You take care yourself :)