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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane

Wellwellwell!  Life has been pretty busy, and computer time has been cut :(  but I'm leaving on Wednesday, so thought I'd better post beforehand :D

Date: Sunday April 11 2010
Starting time: 16:20
Mood: patchwork moods lately. Ravening predator, gloom, insane hilarity, regret, I got it all.
Outside my window: cherry blossoms and grey sky
I'm thinking: time is running out   o.O
I'm reading: meh
I'm listening to: Bob Dylan, Not Dark Yet
I'm wearing: green shirt with Scottish thistle :D and plaid wool skirt
Yesterday, I: had a headesk sorta day
I'm excited for: Atlanta
I'm sad because: I want to change the past, but to do that I'd have to go back about 7 years, and then I wouldn't WANT to do anything differently.
I'm hungry for: I just ate.....
The song stuck inside my head is: The Weasel Chase (thanks a LOT, Einar! >.< )
I want: a plane ticket to North Carolina :P
I love: adrenaline, it makes my life just a *little* bit interesting.....
I loathe: um?
This week, my goal is: to NOT DIE

Now that THAT is out of the way!  I leave for Atlanta GA this Wednesday: I have to leave the house by 2 AM    o.<    Flight to Atlanta, we get in late afternoon local time. We come back next Sunday, but won't get home til very early Monday morning. Good times. 

I've been frantically preparing for the trip. Not to mention a lot of miscellaneous robotics stuff. On Wednesday I prepared a promotional video for the next day's presentation to recruit new robotics students. Was up til 1 AM doing that, and doing math homework. Epicness. Such is the life of a robotics junkie. Facebook status:   Late nights, working frantically to perfect something that should have been finished yesterday......this is FIRST~~~ Adrenaline as things are going RIGHT for once....this is FIRST~~~ Putting sleep and the rest of life on hold...this is FIRST~~~ Getting it done.....THIS IS FIRST!!
The robotics advert went well. I also got the camera....likewise ordered and received the infamous Bag of Holding, and it is amazing, it expands to fit seriously ANYTHING. 

There have been occasional moments of insanity when I contemplated moves that would quite possibly lead to me taking over the world. 
Plus the occasional moments when I turn into a ravening Beast of Prey. Good times. 

I'll likely post something whilst in the Great City of Atlanta (ergh).....but til then, cheers all! :)


Einar said...

Poor rabbits, they are first on yer list for world domination eh?


NUUU DON'T DIE BETHIEEEE!!!! Remember, dying is like sleep, for the WEAK!


That was ALMOST a rhyme... *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Yeah, wish I could go back seven years... or seventeen, hm... youth is so fleeting...

Enjoy while it lasts!

I burn with anticipation of your revelation of your exploits in the East.

And thankful not to be dealing with airport security at such unreasonable hours.

Reminder: Leave knives, pliers, wire cutters, and other valubles at home. That is a long time to not have a knife on one's person.

Bethany said... two dedicated followers :)

Einar: actually I had not thought of that, that is rather accurate.....only my plan varies, I don't plan to *kill* most species.....
You are not the first person to say 'Bethany, don't die!' and you will NOT be the last.

We KNOW that Bethie is not weak... >:)

I will endeavor to find a link to the live stream footage of the competition.

Tragedy101: heh, I just realized that for better or worse I am better off right here, as I am, than trying to muck about in the waters of the Past. We do what we think we have to at the time.
Yay, glad someone eagerly awaits my tidings from the East :D
Exploits is a good word. I use it often.

Airport security is going to be MURDER, owing to the fact that I will have a large bag full of assorted techie stuff (camera, laptop, external hard drive, numerous cables) which have to be unpacked and treated with care. >.<

Ergh, I am painfully aware of the no-knife situation, I used to fly a lot. The no-lighter rule is killing me though, I am used to having a source of fire available at ALL times. At least my flashlight is very small [attaches to 9v battery]
cannot recommend those little critters highly enough.....

Yesh, well, likely I'll be posting from Atlanta on the first evening, just to let y'all know I survived being separated from my knives for 24 hours.

Einar said...

They can pry my knives from my cold, dead, hands. NOY!

That flashlight was one nifty little critter, Imma have t' get one now... Do they come with belt holders?

Oh thats right! Yer bringing Eddie, and the hotel will probably have wi-fi! Cool, I eagerly await the adrenaline crazed blog post!

Einar said...

OH! And for fire, get a flint and steel, as long as you make sure they are both in non-threatening shapes, you should be able to take them anywhere, easy to use once you learn and practice enough, not to mention fun. Sparks! WHEEEEEE!!!

Bethany said...

The TSA admins. must just LOVE you to BITS, my friend! :P
My mom got some funny looks one time, going through security with that flashlight, but they're still the best thing around, the whole family has them. (That was the flashlight I gripped in my teeth whilst crawling commando-style through the scrub the other night :D ) Nice thing about them is they are Really easy to fit into already over-stuffed pocketses, and then they're square to so they don't roll when placed on flat surface.
As to the flint and iron, I STILL think that might get funny looks, maybe not at the P-town airport where things are pretty laid back, but I been in some of the big airports in the midwest and those big lady TSAs are TOUGH.......I got nothin' on them! lol :D

Einar said...

If the worst comes to the worst, you can always bring a good magnifying glass, I use one of those sometimes too....

Evergreena said...

Wait a minute... You're going to Atlanta... is this for the national robotics competition? Are you competing or something?

If so, that's just cool. My cousin is going there for the national robotics competition with his school's team.

(Or did my crazy brain just concoct that idea out of thin air?:)

Bethany said...

Yeah, it's the national robotics competition :D
Actually the team I'm on isn't going, but I signed on to another local team as official videographer, because I'm licensed to borrow the local community access TV station's epic cameras. I am hugely excited....
What team number is your cousin on, d'you know? I probably saw them at Regionals, come to think of it.....