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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eva, Bethany, Phillip, Joseph

Goat grins!

the movie crew
My dad's artisan bread
the shoot


Scotland said...

Great pictures! I guess I'll find most of them on the CDs, but I haven't looked yet.


Rochelle Blue said...

cute pictures =]
and thanks for the comment. I also thought about the swine flu possibility, but I recovered way too quickly of having any thought of swine flu =] still... my mum's going to be keeping an eye on me this week, just to make sure ;)


Bethany said...

hey guys, thanks for the comments!
Rochelle, glad you're feeling better!


Bethany said...

later...the new blog format screwed up the picture the goats now appear to be "the movie crew!" use your imagination...but i don't know, maybe the new labels are more entertaining!